Our team offers a grand scale of extreme sports shows, freestyle performances and much more. All the disciplines are suitable for most events. The team members are very experienced performers and belong to the top athletes in Europe. Contact us to get the best show for your event.


During past 20 years we have managed to organise many events with various themes. We can help to create a perfect event for you as well. Choose the right venue, get the technical equipment, book the host, complete the schedule filled with shows and let you have fun and enjoy our work.


We have hundreds of satisfied clients not only in Czech, but all over Europe and USA. We take part in small events as well as in the biggest ones. Let us know your needs and requirements and we will consult the best options with you. It all depends just on your wishes and demand.


Our team has been together for almost 20 years of which 12 years we have been the biggest extreme team in the Czech Republic. So far we have organized immense number of events, provided comprehensive accompanying programmes for both ordinary and prestigious events. We have organized European projects, world an Europe championships, music events, commercial races, festivals, shows and our sportsmen have performed all over the world. We are ready to provide all our experience as well as unique sense for proposal and coordinate your event.