Miniramp, U-ramp, funbox and mobile skatepark

The Czech extreme sportsmen belong amog the best European riders and that guarantees  an exclusive spectacle of their show on a half-pipe Uramp or funbox. High jumps are altered by numerous demanding flips, including synchronized combinations and great leaps on mobile Uramp. We also offer a show implementing huge, 5-metre high U-ramp, which evoques respect due to its dimensions.  Only the best riders can get down this ramp, as this ramp does not forgive any mistakes. But it offers strong experience while watching flybys above the half-pipe. Experienced Czech skateboarders have been participating in this event for more than 15 years. We offer the possibility to mount mobile skatepark and prepare workshops and competitions for those who come to ride.

We can also ensure the whole standalone event containing further attractive programme, soundsystem, hosting and all the other things neccessary to make sure that everything works out and everyone who attends the event is fully satisfied with the entertainment. We have been performing and organizing such shows for almost  20 years and therefore we can guarantee a  flawless course of the day.