Car and Motorbike Stunt Show

Among the specialities in stunts art belong driving a car or kart on two wheels, close call at 250 kph speed, precise control of a motorbike with three riders on it at the same time or riding it on the front wheel only. During the streetfighter show the riders prance about on the rear wheel at very high speed, spin on the front wheel or perform burnout tyre smoke until the tyre bursts, also with the fire effects. A stuntman skates holding a motorbike riding at speed of 150 kph, at 130 kph without holding a motorbike and many more unimaginable tricks. Trial show on a motorbike takes place on artificial trial barriers and includes leaps over a crowd of people. The spectators can also see othe breathtaking tricks perfectly trained and performed by the Czech top riders. We offer individual shows or luxury, flamboyant and comprehensive show comprising all stunts sports.