Our team offers a grand scale of extreme sports shows, freestyle performances and much more. All the disciplines are suitable for most events. The team members are very experienced performers and belong to the top athletes in Europe. Contact us to get the best show for your event.


During past 20 years we have managed to organise many events with various themes. We can help to create a perfect event for you as well. Choose the right venue, get the technical equipment, book the host, complete the schedule filled with shows and let you have fun and enjoy our work.


We have hundreds of satisfied clients not only in Czech, but all over Europe and USA. We take part in small events as well as in the biggest ones. Let us know your needs and requirements and we will consult the best options with you. It all depends just on your wishes and demand.

Additional services

We will be happy to provide you also with other additional services for your upcoming event on the top of intermediating shows of the best extreme athletes from our team, including the right tuning for your needs. We will gladly meet your needs to the full extent and prepare the whole, ready-made event.

Venue – we will always choose the best venue for your event to meet your requirements and amaze your guests.

Hosting – we will supply experienced hosts from members of our team and upon your request also Czech VIPs

Equipment: stage, lights, audio systems, DJ, tents – quality stage, lights and sound distribution underpins success of every event. We will be more than happy to choose the right DJ to touch in the atmosphere of the day and thanks to long-term cooperation we can offer an exclusive price.

in case you need a helping hand with organizing an event, choice of athletes, contents and duration of the program, we offer free consultation and advice  regarding all the details.

Consultation for sportsmen/athlets, seminars for professional sportsmens and coaches

Professional sportsmen and amateurs can reveal completely new possibilities for higher sports performance, deeper possibilities of work with their bodies and regenerative meditations. It is possible to learn higher and more effective techniques of preparation for performance improvement and better results, even in comparison to those used by some world leading sportsmen.

Thanks to completely unique nutrition consultation with the possibility to feel precise needs of an individual, what his body is able to absorb, which nutrition supplements will truly help him and in which quantity, the health and strength of the body will move to a new level. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money for something, that would not be absorbed by the body properly, based only on the fact that it is modern, or it is perceived as generally useful.

Maximum physical preparation is necessary, but in nowadays sport, where nearly everybody is physically well prepared, details decide. Thanks to harmonisation of the energy system, the sportsmen gain significantly better possibilities, including more advanced perceiving of own body. Our spirit comprises our secret power and potential, even for the sporting. And, instead of the longing of the ego, far more true level of our perceiving and consciousness is coming, that helps the sportsmen’ body to the possibilities, that are outside of current maximum sports performance. Even if the top sportsmen have big realisation team, the performance always lies on the sportsmen himself. On his inner preparedness, calmness, and direct concentration in the present time.

On the physical level, it is possible to look at a lot of details, how the physical body works and what is not functioning well and why. And, naturally, to help with correction of it. I see into the depth of individual organs and information links between them. Detection of viruses, bacteria, and parasites and their elimination also helps better functioning of the body in a great extent. It is possible to find out, where the body is blocked, not only on energy level, and to identify exercises or meditation techniques that would release it.

Great help can also be in the direct energy recovering after injury, surgery, because I use fully up-to-date healing methods, that are highly effective and quick.

Recovery of the spirit of a sportsman is absolutely essential part of the healing, as it has far higher possibilities for health and closely connected performance and freshness of him. It is valid, that in a sound mind, there is sound body, Conversely, it goes badly, and it is unnecessarily difficult.

As a former professional sportsman (I am still roller-skating on exhibitions and competitions), I am listed in the book of celebrities Who is Who since the year of 2011. In my preparation, I have used completely new methods and I have always been my own coach. New pieces of knowledge was and is coming to me through intuition, and those are perfectly functioning.

I can prepare training plan that completely resonates with the body of a sportsman, rather than generally accepted rules. I do not work as a fitness coach, but based on the knowledge of an individual of his training possibilities, I can fine-tune his training plan according to what his body currently needs for full power or for a regeneration after an injury.

Even though the professional sportsmen are able to listen to their bodies in a greater extent than ordinary people, there is still a lot of knowledge, that can tune them to a new personal level and inner harmonisation and thanks to that to a necessary concentration on the performance. It is also essential to clear programmes of accidents, injuries and coming illnesses, because these are also made up by our minds and can stem from childhood. Some injuries are basically essential, to enable us to become aware of other depths of Life and own direction; some injuries are caused by excessive exhaustion from training, but men operates using programmes of mind and it is now possible to easily clear programmes creating fear, stress and any other unpreparedness for a fully concentrated performance, completely safely, and mainly far more quickly in comparison to work with psychologist. It is necessary to eliminate external energies, willpower, thoughts of other people, because those often fundamentally disturb sportsmen to prepare for performance,and also their personal quality of life.

I am also a sports psychologist and I provide help directly during important sport moments, because I can see the whole essence of a man, both his inside, physical body and energy system, what is going on during that moment, to prevent him from fighting with it, from losing his energy, and to enable the performance to be on the highest level. It is possible to speed up processing of personal problems, developing perfect preparation for a competition/race, that otherwise can take a lot of sessions or more likely, cannot be processed using current psychologist possibilities at all. 

Everything is inside our hearts, not in the longing of the ego to be better, but in the pure dimension of the heart, that would tame the negative mind and that would help to tune the energy system of a sportsman for a completely new, or strongly shifted possibilities. Even a, for example, fitness coach is an artist, because he creates a very complicated system of preparation and thanks to that gained higher sensitivity, he gains during his work, he is naturally more apprehensive to individual sportsman and to their needs. I also organise special weekly sport training camps, where intensive training is connected with teaching of highly advanced energy exercises and meditation, that are not being taught elsewhere, are not included in books, and cannot be found anywhere on internet. And, at the same time, they help with the healthy growth of a sportsman and his happier life.

Everybody trains physical body. The best sportsmen and sport teams work also with the mind, but it is rare to work with the spirit. And, at the same time, the power of the spirit is a source of health, personal strength and charisma, and is the next necessary step in the future of a successful development of sportsmen.

I offer cooperation and consultation to sportsmen, coaches, sport psychologist and managers, physiotherapists and masseurs, and to other members of a realisation team of sportsmen.

Petr "Mandis" Manďák,

 - a former professional extreme athlete

- 41 years, Mladá Boleslav,

  • He has been skating for 24 years, exhibiting for 21 years
  • Owns extreme sports agency for 19 years
  • personal development, seminars and meditation lessons
  • spiritual teacher
  • since 2000 he has been leading the Association of Extreme Sports
  • From 2011 in the encyclopedia of personalities Who is who as an extreme athlete

- 7 years vegan, previously 7 years vegetarian, eats 90% organic

  • he has a thirteen-year-old son Samík


 - Multiple multi-champion on roller skates on the U-ramp since 2003

- 2x 2nd on National champ. In freestyle jumps into water from 16m, somersault on skates from 16m

- 3rd in the Czech-Slovak ​​In-line Speed ​​Skating Cup for 10 km

- 5th on National championschip Track In-line speed skating (500 m, 1,500 m, 3,000 m, 10,000 m)

- 192 km /h behind a motorcycle at a tuning meeting in Hradec at the airport

   acceleration under 4 seconds per 100 km h. at 400 meters, 130 km/h on skates without holding the motorcycle,

   120 km/h when riding behind the motorcycle

- 1st place in the poll for the best adrenaline athlete in Mlada Boleslav

- 3x 2. in competitions in diving on bikes BMX and MTB King of Jizera

- 8th in the Czech Cup snowboard jumping race

- 1st place for 10 km for amateurs at the Speed ​​Skating World Cup races in Ostrava 2013, 2nd place 2014,

  4th place at the World Championships on the track in the category over 30 years

-1st place in the night team race for the prestigious Česká spořitelna Specialized in Nové město na Moravě

  during the 2015 World Cup races

-1st place in amateurs for 10 km at the CZ-DE Speed ​​Skating Cup 2016

-1st place in indoor national championship In-line Speed ​​skating in category up to 40 years 2017

-1st place In-line speed skating on the track at the Sprint Cup in Benatky nad Jizerou in the cat. Masters 2017